Faringdon Village Facts and Information

Weekly site rental
Note that you may be entitled to rent assistance. Site rental includes the use of the swimming pools, community centre, barbeques, other leisure facilities. It also includes Council rates and fees, rubbish removal and the use of small onsite workshop.
Services and Costs
These are items payable by Village Residents and include electricity, telephone and water/sewage usage at a figure determined by the Nambucca Shire Council.
Security of Tenure
All the residents have Residential Site Agreements that have been drawn up so as to comply with the Residential Tenancies Act.
Rent Reviews
Rents are reviewed once each calendar year to reflect movements in Government or Municipal charges.and shall be in accordance with the Residential (Land Lease) Communities Regulations 2015.
Pets Policy
Small pets are welcome and you can replace them too! All pet owners are required to observe Village rules for keeping pets in the Village. These Village rules are in place for the benefit of residents. Alterations and amendments to the rules are carried out in consultation with the liaison committee elected by the residents and deal with the keeping pets within the Village.
Your Right to Sell
Your right to sell anytime. How and when you sell your home is your decision: privately with no commission or through an agent. No fees are payable to the Village owners.
Your Asset is Secure
Your home forms part of your Estate and may be willed to your beneficiaries in accordance with your independent wishes.
Number of Occupiers
The Village is for retirement living and up to three people may live permanently on each site. Your visitors, including children, may stay with you for short term visits such as during school holidays. However, children must be subject to your control and supervision and must observe all Village rules.
Caravans and Boats
Caravans and large boats are stored in a special secured area. A small weekly charge will apply. Small boats, trailers and camper trailers may be stored on your site preferably under a carport at no charge.
Letter Boxes
Individual lockable letter boxes are situated at the entrance to the Village. Mail is delivered every week day.
Gardens and Site Grounds
There is adequate space on your home site to allow you to indulge in your own landscaping and garden interests. The usual permitted  inclusions (subject to management guidelines) are garden sheds, clothes lines, carports, paved driveways, patios, verandahs, fences.





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