Land Lease Village – No entrance or exit fees, no stamp duty!

More and more seniors are choosing Land Lease living options… why? In a Land Lease Community, you own your own home and lease the land on which the home sits, which has several benefits for your long term financial situation. As you will lease the land without having to purchase it, this results in an affordable entry price, while also exempting you from paying stamp duty and council rates. All you will pay to the village is your land lease rent and your water usage (individually metered) and sewerage cost. There are no entrance or exit fees to pay if you wish to sell your home and if you are a pensioner in a Land Lease Community you may be eligible for Government Rental Assistance which can help cover a large share of your weekly rent. As you own your home in a Land Lease Community, if you ever wish to sell, you will keep any capital gains.


You will be responsible for paying your own utilities eg electricity, gas (if required), phone and internet and you can choose your preferred provider.

Your Visitors Are Always Welcome

Your visitors, including children, are always welcome to stay with you for visits such as during school holidays.

Pet Friendly

We understand how important your pet is to you, therefore, small pets are welcome and you can replace them too!

Letter Boxes

Individual lockable letter boxes are situated at the entrance to the Village.